9 Micron 8011 o Aluminium Foil

In the process of daily consumption, people will have such a consumption concept: the higher the price of the item, the better, the more the quantity, the better, and the more materials, the better, because the more abundant the material, the higher the corresponding price and the better the quality . This is good. 9 Micron 8011 o Aluminum Foil So, can any product be defined by this rule? When buying aluminum foil products, its price is mainly determined by the thickness, but consumers usually have a misunderstanding: the thicker the aluminum foil, the better? No.
Set according to the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. It is not that the thicker the wall thickness of the product, the better the product quality. Because the wall thickness of the aluminum foil is too thick, the airtightness and watertightness of the product cannot be guaranteed, and the product quality is high, which will lead to excessive waste of resources. 9 Micron 8011 o Aluminum Foil In addition, products that are too thick have more consumables than suitable products, which will inevitably lead to high product prices and bring unnecessary financial burdens to consumers. There are two kinds of HTMM9mic aluminum foil, household and flexible packaging. Please tell me your application, I will give you the best quotation.

Aluminum foil storage Precautions:
The humidity of wooden shafts and boards of packing boxes should not exceed 18%, and the temperature of packing aluminum coils should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. If the to sealed package is transported to from a low temperature to area to a high to temperature and high to humidity area, do not open it immediately. Aluminum foil rolls should not be placed in places where there is rain and snow on the roof of workshops and warehouses. When aluminum foil is transported from a low-temperature area to a high-temperature area, the sealing of the package must be strengthened, and a desiccant must be added if necessary.


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