Air-conditioning aluminum foil

Air-conditioning aluminum foil is mainly used as a heat sink aluminum foil fin and air supply duct. The deformation method adopted by the fin is mainly a deep drawing method, and the aluminum foil is required to have high plasticity and large elongation at a high strength. The punching diameter of the heat sink fin is generally Φ9.52mm, and the flange turning height is ≥1.7mm.
The alloy state is generally 8011, 8006 alloy grades, and the states are O, H22 and H24.
The high plasticity requirements of air-conditioning aluminum foils are suitable for the aluminum processing production process of hot-rolled blanks. If the production method of casting and rolling is adopted, a stricter process system is required for the pretreatment and intermediate annealing of the blank. Generally, in the case of the same alloy composition, the product strength of the casting and rolling process is high, and the plasticity of the hot rolling process is good.
Central air-conditioning aluminum foil production technology
The traditional view is that casting and rolling blanks are not suitable for use as air-conditioning foil products. The main reason is that when casting rolled billets are used to produce air-conditioning foils, the plasticity is insufficient and the hardening speed is fast, resulting in poor deep-drawing performance of the air-conditioning foil. However, the technical research and production in recent years have shown that the selection of appropriate alloy components, optimization of the production process, the use of cast rolling blanks can also produce air-conditioning foil products that meet customer requirements, and also have a thinning and stretching method. Quite obvious advantage.
The thickness of the air-conditioning aluminum foil: generally 0.1mm to 0.25mm.
Mechanical properties should be controlled: tensile strength ≥ 100Mpa, elongation ≥ 25%, cupping value ≥ 7.5mm.
The booming and fierce competition in the air conditioner industry has driven the continuous innovation of air-conditioning foil products. The air-conditioning foil should have good formability, its structure and properties must be uniform, the metallurgical quality is good, the thickness of the aluminum foil is uniform, the plate shape is good, the anisotropy is small, and the tensile strength and elongation are required to be improved.

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