Cable aluminum foil Manufacturer

Signal line mainly refers to the line used to transmit sensor information and control information in electrical control circuit. A signal line usually consists of multiple cables used for one or more transmission lines or printed lines arranged in a printed circuit board circuit. As technology and applications improve, Signal lines have evolved from metal carriers to other carriers, For example, optical cables. Signal lines for different purposes usually have different industry standards, To promote standardized production and application.
cable aluminum foil is made of 8011 alloy, 0.1,0.15 or 0.2 mm, thickness The sealing and shielding properties of aluminum foil are used as shielding layers for cables. When the cable aluminum foil makes the signal line, will wrap a layer of aluminum foil around it. Aluminum foil is usually used as a wire for signal lines, In order to reduce the external independent signal interference to the transmission signal. Cable foil is used to use the sealing and shielding properties of aluminum foil, Aluminum - plastic composite foil coated on one or both sides with plastic film, Used as a shield for cables. Cable foil requires less oil on the surface, No holes, High mechanical properties, The quality requirements are low, But the length requirement is very strict.
The cable aluminum foil generally uses 1235- o aluminum foil and 8011- o aluminum foil, 8011 alloy thickness 0.1, mm0.15mm or 0.2 mm, 1235 alloy thickness mm,0.025-0.05 500 mm, width Length is required, The domestic commonly used 2050 m or 3050 mm is basically 4000 or more exports.
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