Household Alu Roll Jumbo Aluminum Foil

The beauty of aluminum foil and its subsequent role as a baking sheet mat. Usually roast at home can also be used as a box roast ingredients, steak, chicken wings and other food in the roast umm wait easy soup. At this time, you can pad a layer of tinfoil on the baking plate at the same time, so that the liquid will be stored obediently in the tinfoil, will not penetrate into the plate, but also convenient to clean the plate. Household Alu Roll Jumbo Aluminum Foil is divided into photosensitive fresh-keeping food, heat sensitive surface and matte surface. The photosensitive surface has good heat absorption function, and the frosted surface has good thermal insulation effect. If the guest can not be seen at home after the eldest brother arrives in time, you can use tin foil to wrap the dish in love with the guy, so it can play a very good insulation for etc.
Generally, when using tinfoil, it is to use the non-glossy hint method to contact the space side of the food, and the sensitive side faces out, so that the food can be heated evenly with accessories and avoid burning Household Alu
Roll Jumbo Aluminum Foil. When you put it on the baking sheet, you can probably reach the edge of the baking sheet. Often used in western food, such as baked potatoes, roast ribs, roast Turkey, etc., not easy to cook food with foil wrap combined with your oven. The sensitivity of the foil surface absorbs the heat you receive in the oven and distributes it evenly over your food. Surface to reduce cooking time. At the same time, the characteristics of double-sided and wrapping baked goods make tinfoil with good photovoltaic heat-absorbing properties, which is a good material for wrapping food cooking.

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