Household Aluminum Foil Roll Jumbo For Food Contact

Household Aluminum Foil Roll Jumbo For Food Contact

Aluminum foil composite film aluminum foil features good mechanical strength, household aluminum foil paper, light weight, no thermal adhesion, metallic luster, good shading, strong reflection ability to light, not easy to be corroded, good barrier properties, good moisture resistance, It has strong air tightness and fragrance retention. The characteristics of aluminized film are metallic luster, high gas barrier properties, and low adhesion viscosity, and the phenomenon of aluminized layer transfer is prone to occur after composite processing. Aluminum foil composite application editing Aluminum foil application packaging substrate, high-temperature cooking food packaging, barrier packaging (flavors, spices) and electromagnetic shielding packaging, etc. Aluminized film is used for light-weight, non-cooked barrier packaging, such as seaweed packaging, puffed food, biscuit food packaging
According to the surface condition, aluminum foil can be divided into single-sided light aluminum foil and double-sided light aluminum foil. Aluminum foil rolling is divided into single-sheet rolling and double rolling.
Single-sided light aluminum foil, each foil has only one side in contact with the roll during double rolling. In the household aluminum foil market, the surface brightness of the side in contact with the roll and the side in contact with the aluminum foil are different. The surface in contact with the roll is bright, and the aluminum foils are in contact with each other. The surface of this kind of aluminum foil is called single-sided light aluminum foil. The thickness of single-sided light aluminum foil is usually no more than 0.03mm. Household aluminum foil rolls. However, with the user’s requirements and the improvement of the manufacturer’s equipment capabilities, single-sided light aluminum foil Already can do 0.05mm
Double-sided light aluminum foil, the upper and lower surfaces of the aluminum foil are in contact with the roller during single-sheet rolling, and both sides have a bright metallic luster. This kind of aluminum foil is called double-sided light aluminum foil. The thickness of double-sided aluminum foil mainly depends on the diameter of the work roll, generally not less than 0.01mm

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