Specification introduction of aluminum foil packaging

For the box packaging, the product cannot be squeezed or moved after it is packaged. The manufacturing material of the packaging box can be materials such as wooden boards, plywood, fiber, metal. The packaging box must be clean and tidy and have sufficient strength to ensure that it will not be deformed or damaged during storage and transport. The nails in the wooden packaging box are arranged step by step, and the nail tips should not be exposed and should be turned upside down to avoid damage to the lid and nail tips to the aluminum sheet during storage and transportation. The height of the bottom support must meet the requirements of forklift transport. After the aluminum coil product has passed the inspection and is covered with inspection stamps, it should be wrapped with a layer of strong neutral or slightly acidic material.Add a desiccant, put a plastic bag on it, insert the parts of the two ends of the plastic bag that exceed the aluminum coil into the core of the tube, close it with a plastic plug of suitable size and put it in the packing box. After the product is packaged, cover it with a layer of moisture-proof paper or plastic wrap. After you put the packing list, you can cover and seal the box with steel straps. The steel straps must be tied tightly.

Conventional packaging of aluminum coils:Specification introduction of aluminum foil packaging.For aluminum coils with a thickness of more than 0.05 mm and in a solid state, they can generally be packed on shelves with a good tip, and the packaging must meet the requirements for storage and transportation. The well-shaped frame is made of wood, and the upper and lower wooden square consists of two wooden squares. The height of the lower wooden square must meet the requirements of the machine. The upper wooden square is made in an arc shape corresponding to the radial direction of the roller. The upper and lower wooden squares are fixed with screws, the length of the screw it should be lower than the arch surface of the top wooden side to avoid damaging the aluminum coil. The product has passed the inspection and is sealed with the inspection seal. First, the aluminum foil roll must be wrapped with a layer of strong neutral or slightly acidic material (generally with high release) and inserted into the packing list and the joints of your lap should be tightly taped. A soft pad is placed on the end face to protect the end face of the aluminum case roll. Then, add a desiccant, wrap the entire roll of material with a whole piece of plastic cloth, and stick the outer layer of the plastic cloth to the lap joint below, and tape it tightly, and close the excess pieces of plastic cloth to it. they die. Finally, wrap the entire aluminum coil and close both ends with the same size rainproof cardboard around the perimeter and tape the joints between the end and the perimeter and all gaps. Put the rolled aluminum foil roll on the frame with a good tip and fix it with steel strips along the circumference, and the steel strips should be tightly connected. Attach a box label to each end of the wrapped roll of aluminum foil. In addition to the carrying and packaging costs of boxes and pus-tac-toe frames, the mode of transport and the user's transport and handling capacity must also be considered. Usually the packing weight of each aluminum coil in our company is 2.6 tons. .

The export packaging usually adopts the fumigation method of the well frame, and the outside is fixed with steel straps, packaging, suitable for sea transportation.
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