What is the use of aluminium foil roll?

Aluminum foil jumbo rolls have a wide range of applications. From a global perspective, they are mainly used in three major fields: packaging, electrical and construction, among which packaging has the largest demand.

The aluminum foil rolls produced by HTMM can meet the requirements of large demand. We not only have abundant inventory, but also support reservations. Whatever specifications you want, HTMM will meet your requirements.

Aluminum foil is a flexible metal foil made of industrial pure aluminum with a thickness of 0.4~0.7mm (mostly 0.5mm) after repeated cold rolling and thinning.
Aluminum foil is widely used and can be divided into four categories

1. Air conditioner foil

Air conditioning foil is an aluminum foil with less metallurgical defects and better ductility.

2. Cigarette packaging foil

Cigarette exports are relatively large, so the consumption of cigarette packaging foil is also very large. And HTMM company can provide you with aluminum foil raw materials to meet your large number of requirements.

3. Foil for decoration

Aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, sound insulation and heat insulation, and is an excellent decoration material.

4. Cable aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can be used as a shield for cables because of its airtightness and shielding properties, and HTMM can provide you with a large amount of raw materials.

Aluminum foil is widely used and is very common in life, so aluminum foil rolls can be used in packaging industry, construction industry and pharmaceutical industry. As a supplier of aluminum foil rolls, we will meet your dosage requirements.

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