What is food grade aluminum foil?

Food-grade aluminum foil is a common household item. It is often used in kitchen cooking, outdoor barbecues, hotel catering, etc. Because of its excellent heat resistance, high airtightness and ease of use, aluminum foil is used to wrap various foods . Food-grade aluminum foil complies with the international FDA certification standards. While in contact with food, it is necessary to ensure the delicious taste of the food itself, the safety and hygiene of the food, and the health of the human body.
Production process of food grade aluminum foil
Food-grade aluminum foil is processed from high-quality raw material aluminum ingots. Through rolling, it is continuously rolled into thin specifications of aluminum foil, and then the width is cut by adjusting the roller.
The main production steps of food-grade aluminum foil include: high-temperature melting of raw materials - cooling and solidification blank - hot rolling - cooling annealing - cold rolling - cutting. Each of these steps needs to be repeated to ensure that the quality of the product is optimized, not only to ensure that the thickness is accurate, but also to ensure that the surface of the aluminum foil is clean and tidy, free of oil stains and impurities.
Advantages of food grade aluminum foil
When food-grade aluminum foil is used to wrap food, it often has many advantages, including: aluminum foil has excellent airtightness and can form a protective barrier to prevent food from being damaged by external air, water vapor, and pollutants; It has a glossy surface and a dark surface, which can prevent food from sticking; it has high thermal conductivity, which can keep food warm for a longer time through reflection, and can cook food faster, reducing cooking time; wrapping food can directly protect The cross-flavor between food can avoid cross-contamination of food; it can be recycled and reused to reduce the impact on the environment;
How to use aluminum foil correctly
Although food-grade aluminum foil itself is a non-toxic and harmless packaging material, if it is not used correctly, it may have a certain impact on health or other aspects. When purchasing aluminum foil for the first time, you need to check whether it meets FDA standards, check the packaging instructions and labels of the aluminum foil, check the safety and warranty date of the aluminum foil, and ensure that the purchased aluminum foil is food-grade aluminum foil; secondly, you need to check the specifications of the product that you need Avoid using aluminum foil that is too wide or too narrow to avoid food leakage; at the same time, when using aluminum foil, avoid exposure to air or humid environments, avoid direct light, so as not to cause food deterioration; used Aluminum foil, avoid repeated or multiple use, handle it properly, the used aluminum foil may contain harmful substances such as bacteria; be careful not to keep food in contact with aluminum foil for a long time, too long, it is easy to make the food taste bad.

Classification of food grade aluminum foil

The classification of food-grade aluminum foil needs to be classified according to alloy, state, thickness, width, etc. Common food-grade aluminum foil includes.
8011 aluminum foil food-grade aluminum foil, commonly used in food packaging paper, household aluminum foil, and flexible packaging materials for various foods. The other is 3003 alloy aluminum foil, which is often used to make aluminum foil food containers, and 1235/8079 aluminum foil, which is one of the composite materials commonly used in food flexible packaging. According to different uses, the tempering of aluminum foil is also different. Tempering represents the hardness and strength of aluminum foil, which can be represented by O (soft) and H (hard). Usually, in order to better fit the characteristics of the product, home foil and flexible packaging aluminum foil need to use O state. Aluminum foil food The container needs to use the H state.
The thickness of food grade aluminum foil is 0.006-0.2mm, the width is 200-1600mm, the thickness of household foil is usually 8mic-30mic, the thickness of food container foil is 40mic-200mic, and the aluminum foil for flexible packaging is 6-10mic. Among them, the width and thickness can be customized according to the customer's requirements to meet the customer's local market demand.
In addition to pure aluminum foil, some food-grade aluminum foil will undergo some processing to make its surface more attractive, such as embossed aluminum foil, coated aluminum foil, printed aluminum foil, etc.
Performance of food grade aluminum foil
In addition to the corresponding thickness and width, food-grade aluminum foil has stricter requirements on product quality and performance. Among them, food-grade aluminum foil needs to have excellent physical properties, excellent tensile strength, high ductility, and excellent plasticity. With good chemical properties, not only the thermal conductivity must be strong, but also the reflectivity and transmittance must be very prominent.
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