Depth analysis of aluminum foil thickness and process

In the daily consumption process, everyone has such a consumption concept: the more the better, the more materials, the better, the higher the price of goods, because the more abundant materials, the better the quality. That's fine. The higher the corresponding price, then, can any product be defined by this rule? When buying household aluminum foil roll products, the price is mainly determined by the thickness, but consumers usually have a misunderstanding: the thicker the aluminum foil, the better? The answer is no.

First, consider the environmental aspect. It's not that thicker aluminum foil walls mean better product quality. Because the high quality of the product will cause excessive waste of resources, and the wall thickness of aluminum foil sizes is too thick to ensure the air tightness and water tightness of the product. In addition, too thick products than the appropriate product consumables, inevitably lead to high product prices. Please let me know your application and I will give you the best quotation. Bring unnecessary financial burden to consumers. Aluminum foil can be used for home packaging and flexible packaging.

The humidity of wooden shafts and wooden boards in packing cases shall not exceed 18%, and the temperature of aluminum rolls in packing shall not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. Aluminum foil from low temperature area to high temperature area, must strengthen the sealing of the package, if necessary, add desiccant. Do not open the sealed package immediately when it is transported from low temperature area to high temperature and high humidity area. Aluminum foil roll should not be placed in the workshop, warehouse roof and other places with rain and snow.

Why aluminum foil processing process need annealing?

The purpose of the first annealing: continue rolling or deep working, eliminate cold working hardening; Control product status and performance; Remove rolling oil and improve surface quality. Then the annealing furnace is divided into single annealing furnace and single annealing furnace according to the production capacity and scale of the annealing furnace group

The furnace body uses a large air fan to circulate heating aluminum. The guide device in the furnace can effectively ensure that the air flow evenly through the uses of aluminum foil, so that it is heated evenly. , adopt top mounted integral structure, disassembly and maintenance of the heater is very convenient. The furnace door runs smoothly and has good sealing performance. It adopts pneumatic compression or mechanical transmission lifting type opening and closing. The exhaust system in the furnace can effectively remove the oil film on the surface of aluminum foil and adjust the pressure in the furnace.

Aluminum annealing furnace is the most widely used equipment for aluminum foil processing and heat treatment. With the development of technology and the improvement of product quality requirements, the 8011 aluminum foil annealing treatment requirements are more and more high, such as the appearance quality of annealing products, the consistency of performance indicators.

The aluminum foil produced by HTMM should not only have external qualities such as peeling, bubbles, oil stains, oxidation corrosion and surface finish, but also internal qualities such as mechanical properties, grain size and anisotropy.

Plastic film, injection film and other packaging materials with excellent shielding properties have been developed to meet the market demand, but their comprehensive characteristics do not match that of coated aluminum foil and coated aluminum foil. After the 9 micron aluminum foil is fitted with plastic and paper, it combines the shielding performance of aluminum foil, the strength of paper and the heat sealing performance of plastic to further improve the shielding performance of water vapor, air, ultraviolet and ultraviolet rays. Packaging materials are necessary for bacteria. Expand the aluminum foil application market. Therefore, it can be said that aluminum foil is an excellent packaging material, which has shown extensive application potential in many fields.

Food packaging aluminum foil refers to products used for packaging and storage in direct contact with food and food additives. As one of the most commonly used materials in disposable food packaging, 9 micron aluminum foil has unique characteristics and advantages. When aluminum foil is used, it is rarely used alone, and is mostly used with plastic foil. Most glass is covered with plastic. Therefore, heavy metals and certain compounds contained in additives will migrate to food and affect food safety. Delivery time: Generally, delivery time is about 15-45 days. If you are in a hurry, we will also check the stock.

The main purpose of inhibiting waste rust is to prevent aluminum foil from contact with water. Corrosion protection measures:

(1) Increase the use of air dryer to keep the warehouse dry.

(2) When packing aluminum foil products in rainy season, it is necessary to strengthen the sealed packaging and add desiccant. In addition, we recognize the importance of sustainability and environmental friendliness. Our aluminum foil was carefully developed with the environment in mind. Made from recycled materials, it provides a responsible choice for conscious consumers. Choose Us Our aluminum foil has become the ideal place to invest in quality products and contribute to a green future. Find the best aluminum foil with us -- build the future with unparalleled performance, unlimited versatility and sustainability
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