8011 Aluminum Foil for packaging

8011 Aluminum Foil for packaging

8011 alloy is a typical alloy used for aluminum foil, which is the most widely used metal in our daily lives today. As a leading aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier, HTMM produces high-quality aluminum foils specially used for household foils, container foils, packaging foils and medical foils. We can provide customized thickness and width, and we can also make one side of the aluminum foil shiny and the other side can be polished.
8011 Aluminum Foil for packaging

8011 aluminum foil is widely used in different packaging fields. For example, aluminum foil containers are the best packaging solution on the market today. Aluminum containers not only keep food fresh, but also protect food from bacteria. Aluminum can completely isolate light, gas and moisture, so it is suitable for packaging solutions such as food, beverage, medicine and technical applications.

Henan tendeli metallurgical materials co.,ltd (HTMM) specializes in manufacturing and providing high quality 8011 aluminum foil for various applications.

HTMM is committed to providing the best aluminum foil quality in a timely manner at a reasonable cost and providing unparalleled services to our domestic and foreign partners. We value people-oriented, honesty and trustworthiness are the most important development concepts, abide by service promises, and focus on brand building. The business strategy is to adhere to the concept of developing in a stable environment and pursuing stability during development. One of our pride is that we can provide you with comprehensive services and satisfaction. Few companies can provide you with such widely used aluminum foil products at a competitive price.
We sincerely invite you to pay attention to our 8011 aluminum foil products, and thank you in advance for providing us with the opportunity to serve you.