Al foil 8011 14 Micron

When aluminum foil is used in food packaging, it can ensure that the aroma of food will not be emitted, and that the color and taste of food will not change over time. This is mainly due to the high barrier properties of aluminum foil, which can withstand any extreme environment, and can also It is because of these near-perfect characteristics and advantages that it can block the erosion of sunlight and water vapor, making it very popular in the food packaging industry.

The moisture-proof and anti-oxidation characteristics of aluminum foil can isolate food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc., and can make food have a perfect storage environment. Some Al foil 8011 14 Micron packaging also adds adesiccant/deoxidizer, or uses vacuum packaging or vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of food. It can adapt to various environments, and the environment of food processing and production does not have much influence on its performance.

The products produced by HTMM can guarantee that they will not have any adverse effects on food, and can also extend the shelf life of food. If you have any questions about our products, we are very happy to provide you with more detailed product information. We are also looking forward to receiving your inquiry, we will be your best partner
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