Aluminium Foil For Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

Aluminium Foil For Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

The asphalt waterproof aluminum foil can be made by coating asphalt on the base tire (such as base paper, fiber fabric). This method is to sprinkle powder or sheet-like isolation material on the surface to make a curled sheet-like waterproof material.
The high temperature resistance of this kind of
aluminum foil can be said to be good, and it can be used well in the temperature range of -25~+100℃, so its elasticity is also high, fatigue resistance, up to 1500% elongation And extremely strong puncture resistance and tear resistance. This product is especially suitable for waterproofing projects in severe cold areas and industrial and civil buildings with large deformation and rotation. It has the characteristics of good low temperature flexibility, high heat resistance, good elongation performance, long service life, simple engineering, and low water pollution. At the same time, it is also limited to the waterproofing works of first and second grade buildings. It can be said that it is especially suitable for building waterproofing projects in low temperature and severe cold areas and frequent structural deformations. Aluminum foil is used in industrial and civil buildings, such as roofs, basements, toilets and other waterproof projects, as well as roof gardens, roads, bridges, tunnels, parking lots, swimming pools and other projects.
The construction process of aluminum foil waterproofing membrane is relatively simple, and there is no professional requirement. Just tear off the isolation film under the film and stick it on the base layer that needs to be waterproof. In addition, the requirements for the base layer of aluminum foil waterproof materials are not as stringent as waterproof coatings. Even areas with holes or unevenness on the surface of the color steel plate of the factory can be laid directly, and only one layer is needed to achieve waterproofing. Therefore, the entire construction process is relatively simple.

Aluminum Roll Foil Food Grade Template Soft Alloy 8011 Aluminum foil can play the role of sun protection, can also be used as a temporary floor mat

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