Aluminum Roll Foil Food Grade Template Soft Alloy 8011

Aluminum Roll Foil Food Grade Template Soft Alloy 8011

One big use of aluminum foil. In many countries, life-saving blankets are essential for responding to public emergencies and household emergencies. After the 2011 Japan earthquake, citizens put on life-saving blankets to take refuge. The life-saving blanket is plated with silver and gold foil on both sides. Its function is to use the principle of reflection and aluminum foil to reflect the heat radiation of our body, slow down the heat dissipation of the human body, and achieve the effect of keeping warm. Its emissivity is as high as 90%.
The life-saving blanket has low technical content and low manufacturing cost. The main material is aluminum foil, so the price is relatively low.
In addition to cold and warmth, life-saving blankets have many functions in outdoor sports. Aluminum foil can play the role of sun protection, can also be used as a temporary floor mat, can be placed on a tent to prevent rain and cold wind, can be placed in a sleeping bag to enhance warmth, or it can be tied up as a water rescue floating bag.
Its series of uses are developed based on the characteristics of aluminum foil. The main function of the emergency blanket is to play the role of emergency heating in the outdoor environment. When someone is injured or the body temperature drops, immediately cover or cover the body with an emergency blanket to prevent a sharp drop in body temperature. The emergency blanket can be used as a reflective film to send positioning signals to the air or search and rescue personnel. The first aid blanket can be used as an emergency rain poncho to build an emergency shelter. When encountering a glacier, it can also be used to wrap your feet for waterproofing and wading. When camping in cold areas, you can also put the emergency blanket in your sleeping bag or under the sleeping pad, both of which can keep you warm. Emergency blankets on the head, face and body can also play a role in sun protection. In an emergency, it can also be twisted into a rope for fixing and binding. In addition, it can also be used as a reflector in outdoor backlight photography to supplement the light on the subject's face.

Household Alu Roll Jumbo Aluminum Foil can be moisture-proof and waterproof in the kitchen and it is also easy to clean

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