Household Alu Roll Jumbo Aluminum Foil

Household Alu Roll Jumbo Aluminum Foil

The most important thing in the kitchen, apart from the usual kitchen utensils, is the cabinets used for storage in the kitchen. The cabinets bring great convenience to the storage of the kitchen. Nowadays, many people go directly to shopping malls to buy ready-made cabinets for convenience. However, most of these installed cabinets are made of particleboard. Once this material gets wet, it is easy to get damp and bulge. So the master who helped our home decorate the cabinet said that after the cabinet is installed, remember to cover it with aluminum foil. Fortunately, the master reminded, otherwise you will suffer again!
As mentioned above, if the material of the cabinet is particleboard, if it encounters water, it will be damp, swelling and even moldy. In addition, the kitchen is originally a relatively humid place with a lot of water. In order to prevent the cabinet from getting damp and shortening the service life, just spread a layer of aluminum foil.
Install the
aluminum foil paper under the sink cabinet. The sink leaks and water vapor can be well isolated to release the water and extend the service life of the cabinet!
Aluminum foil is also easy to clean
Some people may feel that it is not necessary to put a layer of aluminum foil on the cabinet, and the cabinet has never been covered with aluminum foil. But it is still good. In fact, it is recommended to use aluminum foil not only because of its waterproof and moisture-proof function. It is more convenient to clean by laying a layer of aluminum foil on the cabinet. The kitchen is inherently heavy. If it is covered with aluminum foil, if there is oily stains, just wipe it lightly!
If there is no aluminum foil, it will inevitably leave some marks if you put a bottle in the kitchen, and these marks are more difficult to clean. Using aluminum foil will reduce the troubles a lot!

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