Jumbo Roll Aluminum Food Foil 8011 Alloy

Jumbo Roll Aluminum Food Foil 8011 Alloy

Aluminum foil is one of the most versatile items in the kitchen. It can be eaten with seemingly baked food, and it can also be used for many subsistence purposes. It is one of the underrated survival tools.
*Block glare
Aluminum foil can make glacier goggles to prevent snow blindness. Fold the aluminum foil into a 15 x 5 cm strip and stick it on your face. Then cut out the nose space on the aluminum foil, and then cut out the horizontal seams at the eyes. Fold the corners of the foil to strengthen it, then poke a hole and thread the rope.
*Making splints
Wrap the broken finger with cloth. Then fold several layers of
aluminum foil into a metal strip, the length of the metal strip should be twice as long as a finger. Then put it on the broken finger and fold it in half. In this way, two splints can be formed on the broken finger. Moreover, it is easy to change shape and can be fixed to the severed finger at the most comfortable angle.
*Send distress signal
The aluminum foil paper has a shiny surface and can reflect light, making it very suitable for use as a signal mirror. Using the reflected light of the sun to send out a distress signal is a good way. Use branches to make a square frame, or a disc. Then wrap the aluminum foil paper on the frame or circular plate made of this branch, and then reflect the sunlight to send a signal to the aircraft. The smoothing effect of aluminum foil is the best. If you don't have time to hold it outdoors all the time, you can also tie aluminum foil to open trees and shrubs.
*Leave a trace
When hiking, if you get lost at night, you can wrap the vegetation on the side of the road with tin foil, shine it with a light, and you can find your way back.
*Purified water
Aluminum foil paper can be made into a cup, and then filled with water, boil the water. But be aware that the aluminum foil will melt in the flame, so when you boil water, hang it up and don't directly touch the fire.

Household Alu Roll Jumbo Aluminum Foil can be moisture-proof and waterproof in the kitchen and it is also easy to clean

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