How Long Does Food In Aluminium Foil Last

How Long Does Food In Aluminium Foil Las

When enterprises produce fast food products, the products themselves cannot be stored for too long, otherwise they will deteriorate. The packaging made of aluminum foil greatly extends the shelf life of the product. When we travel on business or long distances, some fast food products will deteriorate during the journey. With the development of the flexible packaging industry, we have produced aluminum foil bags, which can delay food deterioration and extend the shelf life.
This kind of food bag is made of aluminum foil and plastic composite processing. Compared with other packaging materials, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, and strong barrier properties. Nowadays, aluminum foil packaging bags can not only package food, but also play an important role in many industries.
Since the beginning of this year, our company's aluminum deep-processed products have shined in the domestic market. Aluminum foil accounts for more than 30%, and it has become a mainstream supplier for major customers of internationally renowned companies. At the same time, we seized the price difference between the domestic and foreign markets to rapidly increase export sales. The international high-end market has been fully developed. It exports 6000 tons of products every month. It is estimated that the annual export revenue in 2018 will be about 100 million U.S. dollars. More than 20 countries and regions including Germany, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Mexico and Australia.
With the consumption upgrade and the demand of the green and lightweight era, the global high-end aluminum consumption market is growing at an average annual rate of 10%, and the future growth of aluminum consumption is unlimited. Our company will be based on the Central Plains, look at the world, seize the new opportunities of "One Belt One Road", rely on scientific and technological innovation to vigorously develop new technologies and new products, strive to create an international high-end aluminum supply, and promote high-quality development of the enterprise

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