8011 aluminum foil food grade for domestic use

In recent years, before the situation of plastic waste causing serious environmental pollution, the people's demand for green consumption is increasingly strong. 8011 food grade alu foil will not help bacteria grow and will not react with food. Plastic has the ability to cause the product's n-hexane to exceed the standard, which easily leads to the harm of plasticizers to the human body. Single-use non-biodegradable plastic is more likely to cause pollution.

With the advancement of alu industry technology and the improvement of production efficiency, the production cost of alu materials and alu foil has gradually decreased. 8011 food grade alu foil roll has appeared in people's daily life. Now, the cost of 8011 aluminum foil food grade for domestic use is close to that of qualified polyolefin (PP) plastic, and the cost performance is remarkable. With the progress of society and the gradual formation of the concept of green consumption by consumers. The continuous increase in food safety awareness, health and cleanliness awareness, eco-environment awareness and consumer awareness has provided opportunities for the application and promotion of products. alu foil on a large scale.

8011 food grade alu foil as packaging material has greatly expanded the application market of alu foil. Since the packaged goods are completely isolated from outside light, moisture and gases, the packaging is well protected. Especially for the packaging of cooked food, the use of this alu foil material can ensure that the food will not be spoiled for at least one year. Moreover, heating and decompression are very convenient, and very popular among consumers.

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