Thickness of medicinal aluminum foil

1.Thickness of medicinal aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil is mainly used in blister packaging of pharmaceutical capsules, tablets, pills, etc. Due to different textures, it can be divided into hard foil and soft foil. Hard foil is mostly used for blister packaging of capsules and tablets, while Soft foil is often used for composite flexible packaging of powder particles.

The thickness of the common medicine foil is 0.018~0.05mm, the alloy is 8011/8021/8079, and the state is O and H18. Pharmaceutical aluminum foil has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, light and light-proof, and can prevent the drug from absorbing moisture and vaporizing. At the same time, it can be compounded with PVC and heat-sealed.

Medicines are directly edible, which makes the production and quality requirements of medicinal aluminum foil more stringent.

2. HTMM quality requirements for medicinal aluminum foil

(1) When HTMM produces medicinal aluminum foil, it will strictly inspect the billet, test various quality parameters, and grasp the quality of the raw material aluminum ingot;

(2) During aluminum foil rolling, standardize the control of all production equipment and materials including the selection of rolls, rolling oil, and machine operating speed to ensure the uniformity of pharmaceutical aluminum foil specifications.

(3) Strictly control the width and surface state, so that the cutting is neat and tidy, and the appearance of rough and messy edges is eliminated;

(4) When the medicinal aluminum foil is annealed, the annealing time and temperature are strictly controlled according to the performance of the medicinal aluminum foil, so that the surface of the medicinal foil is free of oil stains.

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