Packaging introduction of large roll aluminum foil

Recently, the use of vacuum aluminized paper in China has gradually increased. The principle is that aluminum metal is continuously heated and vaporized in a vacuum state, and the metal vapor is condensed and deposited on the continuous substrate to form an extremely thin aluminum film. Uniformity, good optical effect, good protective effect and reflection in light and ultraviolet rays, etc., can effectively prevent the aging effect of light on the content of cut tobacco, compared with calendered aluminum foil, one of the main advantages its advantage is that the consumption of aluminum is small, and the amount of aluminum The thickness of the film is only 0.02-0.03 microns, while the thickness of the rolled aluminum paper is 7-8 microns, which has obvious economic benefits .
Aluminum foil is divided into hard, soft, with or without gloss, with or without stripes. Cigarette aluminum foils are mainly soft foils with one-sided glitter, embossing and lining paper. Some cigarette aluminum foils also have special requirements such as gold printing on aluminum foil and printing on lining paper.Spoke with light, hermetic and good coating and with a series of advantages, it is used a lot in daily life, it is mainly used for packaging, electricity and construction in three main areas. According to the shape, aluminum foil can be divided into rolls and sheets. foil processing wool most rolls in supply, with only a few cases of industrial hand foil packaging.
Transport and Packaging introduction of large roll aluminum foil
If the thickness less than 9mic,use suspension packaging,more than 9mic,use horiztal packaging.
1. boxes packed in wooden cases
2. paper packaging
3. plastic packaging
4. foam packaging
Packaging according to customer's requirements or products.

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